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Egmont Key State Park

resting underneath the palms on Egmont Key.jpg

Where: Located in the mouth of Tampa Bay, just south of Fort Desoto Park (Mullet Key). Accessible only by boat.

Parking: No cars, no roads. Nothing to buy. Nothing to eat or drink.

Hours: 8am till sunset, typical Florida State Park hours.

Beach Facilities: Sand. No restrooms. Check to see if your boat has a head (toilet, loo, servicio, can).

Lifeguards: No.

Food concession: No, but if you take the ferry or a charter boat to the island, the boat may sell junk food, soft drinks and beer.

Trolley Stop: No, the trolley doesn't float.

Surfing hot-spot: It must have surf, but I've not heard any reports about it. You'd need a boat to get to it.  The conditions that usually generate surf on the Gulf coast usually are not favorable for taking your small boat out to Egmont. It would be quite rough. Let me know if you catch some good waves on Egmont Key.

Websites about Egmont Key State Park

The Florida Online Park Guide is the State's official page on Egmont Key and contains valuable information and special notices. The Northern Prarie Wildlife Research Center has a bird checklist available for Egmont Key, as well as a map of Egmont Key, a mammal checklist and a reptile checklist. Yes, that's what I said...a REPTILE checklist. Be sure to print that one. Lizard...check; gopher tortoise...check...

How to Get to Egmont Key

Ferry to Egmont Key.jpg
Above: Egmont Key Ferry.

Swimming to Egmont is not a good option, so you'll need access to a boat. There are a number of private companies that ferry people to Egmont Key. Prices range from $15 to $$$$$$.

Tampa BayFerry of Hubbard's Marina on St. Pete Beach leaves from Fort Desoto. This is the ferry I've used. Visit their website at: This is the least expensive way that I'm aware of to get to Egmont Key (but if you want to rent snorkel gear, beach equipment, etc., be sure to check other tours that may offer an equal or better value.)

Captain Snow out of Pass-A-Grille operates a 4 hour snorkeling / dolphin watch cruise to Egmont Key.

Captain Hal Batey runs Charlie's Charters out of the Treasure Island Marina near Blind Pass. He provides 2 hour trips to Shell Key and 4 hour trips to Egmont Key for snorkeling and sightseeing. Cap'n Batey guarantees you will see dolphins. Check out the Egmont Key video on his website.

Dolphin Landings Charter Boat Center has a dock on St. Pete Beach behind the Dolphin Village Shopping Center. Visit their website for more info. 

Adventure Cruises - Captain Ian operates offers daily trips to Egmont Key aboard his 40 foot, 49 passenger boat. The boat leaves from the Corey Causeway (the Pasadena Avenue approach to St. Pete Beach). Capt. Ian also offers trips to Shell Key, sightseeing trips, dolphin watching, and Egmont Key snorkeling trips. The Egmont Key trip is a 4 hour excursion. Snorkeling is optional. Call Cap'n Ian at 727-423-4247 or visit his website at Adventure Cruises also offers private charters. More info on their website or by calling.

Tropical Island Getaway Tours operates a private charter service to Egmont Key and Shell Key. Based on their website, you could pretty much design your own trip. They do weddings at sea, area tours, snorkeling, funeral services at sea, etc.

Shop around for the best value. Prices vary depending on whether you want to rent snorkeling equipment, beach equipment, transportation to the ruins for snorkeling, etc. All-inclusive packages can often provide a great value.

Photos of Egmont Key

On the ferry to Egmont Key.jpg
Above: Riding the Ferry. Egmont Key in the distance.

approaching Egmont Key on the ferry.jpg
Above: approaching the Gulf beach on Egmont.

landing on the beach at Egmont Key.jpg
Above: making a beach landing on a calm day.

Egmont Key beach and palms.jpg
Above: boats anchored off the beach.

palm hammock forest in the interior of Egmont Key.jpg
Above: Egmont Key has a dense forest in the interior.

brick road to nowhere on Egmont Key.jpg
Above: imagine when this was a busy place, long ago. Before Al Gore invented the internet.

lots of ruins to see on Egmont Key.jpg
Above: One day fairly soon the Gulf will reclaim this old derelict structure.

Fort Desoto Park as seen from Egmont Key.jpg
Above: looking back across the Egmont Channel toward Fort Desoto Park.

Lighthouse on Egmont Key.jpg
Above: Egmont Key lighthouse. Unfortunately it's not open to the public.


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