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Topwater Kayaks Rents Kayaks and Canoes at Fort Desoto Park

If you are looking for information on renting a kayak at Fort Desoto Park, you would probably like to see some photos of the various kayaks they have available. I like a kayak that is relatively stable, easy to get in and out of, is easy to keep going in a straight line, and moves with reasonable speed. All of the kayaks here fit that description. They have single and tandem kayaks, sit-ins and sit-on-tops, as well as canoes. They even have some kayaks with clear windows in the bottom so you can see under water, but this really isn't needed here. The water is not crystal clear, so in the deeper water you won't see anything, and in the shallow water all you have to do is look over the side of the boat and you can see everything underwater anyway. Canoes are also available to rent. O.K., here are some photos of the boats:


Kayaks at Fort Desoto

Kayaks for rent at Fort Desoto County Park.

Topwater Kayak rentals, Fort Desoto Park.

Above: the white kayaks have the clear window in the bottom for underwater viewing.

Go kayaking at Fort Desoto Park near St. Pete Beach.

Rent a canoe at Fort Desoto Park.

Above: Several canoes are available. After spending a lot of time in canoes as a boy scout, I've come to prefer kayaks.


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