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Sunset Beach (Treasure Island Beach Center)

a beautiful blue-water day on sunset beach.jpg

Where: Located on the southern tip of Treasure Island.

Parking: Metered parking, $1.oo per hour. Enforced all the time. No freebies. Bring yer quarters. Change machine located at the beach pavilion.

Hours: Beach closed between 1am and 5am. Restrooms open 8am till sunset. Vending machines available 12 noon till sunset (but you don't eat that junk food do you?)

Beach Facilities: Restrooms, outdoor shower to rinse off.

Lifeguards: Unfortunately, there are no lifeguards.

Food concession: Some vending machines with drinks and snacks accessible from 12 noon till sunset.

Trolley Stop: ???

Surfing hot-spot: Yes, right in front of the parking area, and a quarter-mile south at Blind Pass jetty. When the surf is big enough and the tide is right, there is a nice outside break in the pass. You have to paddle to get to it. Sharks may be a concern in the pass. The surf tends to break close to shore and is often very steep and fast breaking. Nice tubes are common. Rides are usually short.

winter tube break on sunset beach, Florida.jpg
Above: a shoulder-high winter tube on Sunset Beach.

Sunset Beach is not actually on St. Pete Beach, but geographically it is a part of the general St. Pete Beach area. Sunset Beach is actually on Treasure Island (a separate city), but Treasure Island overlaps St. Pete Beach at it's (St. Pete Beach's) northern end.

If you stand at the jetty at Sunset Beach and look across Blind Pass, to the south, you are looking at Upham Beach. You can almost throw a rock across the pass.

looking across blind pass from sunset beach toward st pete beach.jpg
Above: standing on the jetty on Sunset Beach looking across Blind Pass toward Upham Beach.

Treasure Island beach pavilion.jpg
Above: the beach pavilion at Sunset Beach. You can have a wedding here, but there is no electricity.

sunset beach dunes.jpg
Above: vegetation covered dunes at Sunset Beach.

sunset beach parking lot.jpg
Above: Shell / sand parking lot at sunset beach.

shells on sunset beach, treasure island, florida.jpg
Above: a motley selection of mostly broken shells. You will find some nice ones, though.

going surfing on sunset beach.jpg
Above: suited up for the chill, a surfer heads out. Probably called in sick to work;-)

winter swell breaking in blind pass.jpg
Above: A strong enough swell will light it up right in the pass. Be prepared to paddle.


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